Saint Michael is in its eighth decade as a parish.

Rev. Mark S. Sheehan is starting his third decade of service to the parish as its pastor.



From our pastor: Welcome to Saint Michael Parish!

“Our parish is a spiritual home where we worship, praise and thank God in and through Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior; where we listen as Father, Son and Spirit speak to us in their Holy Word; where we represent the Eucharistic Meal of Jesus Christ who is truly present thereat; where children and adults learn (at Mass and in our Religious Education programs) how much God loves, nourishes and forgives us, and asks us to do the same for each other. We are old and young, “liberal” and “conservative” from different states and countries, speaking a diversity of languages, of many cultures and colors, and yet one family of faith. This family we call Saint Michael welcomes you! We are not perfect, but we're trying our best to please God ... loving Him and his family ... grateful for His many gifts to us! ”


About Our Faith... We are Roman Catholics, faithful to the teachings of the Church's Magisterium. Our Beliefs are vocalized in our prayers.

About Our Works... The rich variety of Lay Ministries available to our parishioners provide something for everyone willing to give of their time and talent.

About Parish Life... The Mass is our focal point. Other components of parish life include a Religious Education Program and the many activities and events scheduled in our church and Parish Pastoral Center. Also see our photo albums from parties for “40 Years a Priest” and “20 Years a Pastor”.

About Our Mission... “We, the parish of Saint Michael, in Bedford, MA, are people who are united in faith and nourished at the Eucharistic table. As members of God's family we strive to grow in our daily commitment to be like Christ to one another. We welcome all who in their wholeness and brokenness seek to deepen their faith life. With the Commission of Christ as our mandate we respond to His command to teach all peoples through the expression of our Catholic Faith in our religious education programs and outreach ministries. We pray for God's help and guidance in our ongoing mission of sharing His Gift of Faith.”

About Our Patron... The patron saint of our parish is Saint Michael the Archangel. Read the Chronology of his contacts with mankind down through the ages.

About Catholics In Bedford... A Catholic element has resided in this town for over a century and a half. Our Parish History is the evolution of that element into the parish we are today.

About Our Worship Space... Boston Catholic Television filmed the interior of our church a few years ago. Stills from that film provide a Church Tour.

About Our Crucifix... Standing on our church's altar platform is a replica of the San Damiano Cross through which God spoke to Saint Francis eight centuries ago.

About Contacting Us... Here are the priests' and office staff's names, faces and Contact Information.

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